The Family Sabbatical

Love your kids but barely see them? Love to travel but can’t find the time? Do both by taking a Family Sabbatical!

For many working parents, the whole idea of “family” can get lost in the shuffle as you juggle the demands of work and play. Ever dream of taking a break and heading to some exotic locale where you can bond with your kids and spouse through shared adventures and new discoveries?

I wrote The Family Sabbatical Handbook after our family moved to Mexico to live for 18 months. We weren’t rich, we didn’t speak Spanish, and we’d never traveled as a family for longer than a two-week vacation. Were we crazy? Maybe a little. Was it the best thing we’ve ever done? Yes. My husband and I got to know our kids and each other in ways that eluded us in our busy lives back home. It’s a gift we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

The Family Sabbatical Handbook is a step-by-step guide that can help your family do the same thing. It takes you through deciding where to go, how to finance your family sabbatical, schooling abroad, language learning, dealing with money abroad, homesickness and returning home. You can do this!  It will change your family’s life forever! Read reviews of the book, see a list of great travel resources, and buy The Family Sabbatical Handbook here.