I have written articles for a wide variety of online and print publications including Minnesota Parent, Transitions Abroad, Parents, Escape Artist, Budget Travel, Northern Gardener, Family Handyman and Simple Living. I’ve written articles about parenting, travel, gardening, how-to projects, energy efficiency, saving money and much more. I am especially good at breaking down complex concepts or projects into bite-sized pieces so readers can understand how to apply the information to their own lives and circumstances.

Should you go solar? is an excellent example. The goal of this article is to help people in different areas of the country understand whether solar power will not only cut their monthly utility bills, but whether it will save them money in the long run. I interviewed solar experts around the country and came up with a list of five questions readers could ask themselves to determine whether solar power was a long-term investment worth considering.

1. Are you a good candidate for solar? (Good candidates live in the sunbelt, have high monthly electric rates and bills, and have incentive programs and “net metering” available to them.)

2. Do you have the right kind of roof? (Optimal roofs face south or west, have minimal shading, and are nearly new so you don’t have remove the panels to replace the roof.)

3. Will you install the system yourself? (This article was written for The Family Handyman, a DIY magazine, so I addressed the potential savings vs. the training and licensing necessary to be eligible for tax incentives.)

4. What size PV system will you need? (Consider goals, electricity needs, and consult with a certified solar contractor.)

5. How much will your PV system cost? (I discuss how to run the numbers and calculate your payback over time.)

You can read the full article, as well as many others here.