about Elisa Bernick

Image of Elisa BernickLet me tell you who I am and what I’ve been doing for the past…oh…10 years.

–I finished writing the second draft of my novel (No Hope, MN). It took me nearly a decade to finish because I was trying to do it in my “spare” time. Turns out I had precious little of that.

–I spent nearly six years working as an Associate Editor at The Family Handyman, a national monthly do-it-yourself home improvement magazine with a million-plus subscribers. I learned a lot there, including how to install a shower faucet and the difference between a hammer and a hammer drill. Most importantly I was part of its “digital transformation,” so along with writing print articles, I developed content for DIY project websites, ebooks, blogs, the tablet edition and produced videos. It was fun and hard work!

–I general contracted a significant, modern addition (1800 sq feet) to our 1926 bungalow designed by my architect/husband Michael Roehr.  Now you see how I got that job at The Family Handyman. We built much of the addition ourselves (how else could we afford it?) and lived with a table saw in our living room for nearly three years. Yes, we’re still married, thanks for asking. You can see a slideshow and an article about our very cool home in Fine Homebuilding.

–Our family moved to Mexico for 18 months. We had amazing adventures and when we returned, I wrote The Family Sabbatical Handbook.

–I gardened (a lot).  Check out my blogs, articles and photos on this topic.

And before that, I:

–Received a BA in Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (go Badgers!) and an MS at Syracuse University in television, radio and film.

–Worked as a producer and reporter for public radio (WHA, WORT, MPR) and television (cable stations, PBS, WCCO-TV and Twin Cities Public Television).

–Taught creative and broadcast writing at Syracuse University, the University of Minnesota, and in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

I’ve done just about every kind of writing there is to do. I like to do it and I’m good at it.  So hire me to write for you!

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